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By Mohammed Hmiddouche Posted on May 21, 2021
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Harper Lee
A best seller by Harper Lee. A very compassionate, deeply moving, and very dramatic novel that takes the readers to an avalanche of human behaviors.

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee became a bestseller when it was first published back in 1960. The novel had very critical success and has won many awards such as the Pulitzer Prize in 1961, and after it has got a film adaptation, it has won an Academy Award-winning film. This novel is very compassionate, deeply moving, and very dramatic. It takes the readers to an avalanche of human behavior, from innocence, experience, kindness, love to cruelty, hatred, humor, and pathos. It was translated into 40+ languages and sold nearly 18 million copies. To Kill a Mockingbird is today considered a masterpiece of American literature. This novel is very deep and you have to understand its symbolic meaning the depth of its themes. If you carefully dive into every letter in this book and you will understand that everything in this latter has a purpose. The novel's story revolves around siblings called Scout and Jem and dives into their lives; they live with their single parent who is their father called Atticusand their caretaker Calpurnia. The story then dives into a very deep journey of the brothers, and the author tries to resort to every single emotion during the whole story. The events included in the story are based on the real incidences that occurred in Alabama, which is the author's hometown when she was around 9. The story speaks about racial injustice and shrewd castism with decency and humor. The novel is a timeless classic that explores ideas of racial prejudice and small-town Identity. The characterization of the children Jem and Scout Finch is outstandingly crafted.

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