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By Hamza Lakrik Posted on May 9, 2021
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One of the best motivational literature, and one of the most inspiring ones. The highly effective book made people who want to self-improve and get rich.

Considered one of the best motivational literature, and one of the most inspiring ones. It was one of the few first works that emphasized life growth and also were one of the first to ask "what makes a winner?". One of the most famous and successful people who were to produce the the "Law of Success" philosophy that is considered the basis of this book. Napoleon Hill, the writer of this book asked BIG questions and answered them at the same time, his book Think and Grow Rich was published in 1937. He resorted to famous and successful people such as Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie, and plenty of other millionaires witnessed in his generation to better illustrate his principles. There is an updated version by Arthur R. Pell who's a very famous national author known for his lectures and consultation in human resources management, and also his expertise in applying Hill's thought, he explains how millionaires and billionaires such as Dave Thomas, Bill Gates, John Templeton, Mary Kay Ash achieved their wealth. Think and Grow Rich is a highly effective book that speaks to people who want to develop themselves, self-improve, and most of all get rich. A must-read work if you want to develop every aspect and every area of your life. If you find the original book by Napoleon Hill a bit outdated, you can resort to the 21st century updated edition written by Arthur R. Pell.

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