Fahreiheit 451

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Ray Bradbury
One of the best novels and a classic of world literature written by one of the best novelists Ray Bradbury that got so many adaptations including film and theatre.

Written by one of the best novelists Ray Bradbury and considered as one of the best novels and a classic of world literature set in a dystopian future. The novel talks about Guy Montag who's a fireman and his job are to track printed books, and also the houses in which they are hidden and destroy them. Montag never asks questions and does exactly as said to him, and after that, he returns to his bland life and his wife who watches television all day. But when he met a young neighbor called Clarisse, who speaks to him about a past where nothing was feared and the world didn't live in fear and introduces him to a present where you can see the world and pierce through ideas in books instead of the fake and mindless chatter of television. He made him question everything he has ever known. Fahrenheit 451 won the American Academy of Arts and Letters Award in literature along with the Commonwealth Club of California Gold Medal. It also won the Hall of Fame Award in the year of 1984. In 2004, the author of the novel Ray Bradbury was honored with a Spoken Word Grammy nomination. The novel was and still a subject of interpretation where it focuses on the historical role of book burning in stopping dissenting ideas to make a change. Fahrenheit 451 is a mesmerizing work of art that got an adaptation in television, film, theater, radio, computer games, and even comics. It is truly an inspiring piece of work by Ray Bradbury.

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